Jay Scott Smith

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Jay Scott Smith

Award-Winning broadcaster, producer, reporter, anchor, and multimedia journalist.


Ryan Howard's Philadelphia legacy stretches further than the field

**Winner of the Associated Press Media Editors 2016 Best Sports Feature Award**
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Big crowds, hometown hero, loud boos give NFL Draft a distinctly Philly feel

**Winner of the Associated Press Media Editors 2017 Best Sports Feature Award**
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Attorney for the family of Botham Jean, says after shooting, Dallas police, ‘went into cover-up mode’

The family of Botham Jean, the unarmed black man who was shot and killed in his own apartment by a white former Dallas Police officer last month, filed a federal civil lawsuit last Friday. The suit was filed by attorney Lee Merritt, one of the lawyers representing Jean’s family and it lists Jean’s parents, Bertrum and Allison Jean, as plaintiffs while former officer Amber Guyger and the City of Dallas are defendants. Link to Story

EXCLUSIVE: Hero security guard shot by police was expecting second child and now his girlfriend and family search for answers

The family of Jemel Roberson, the 26-year-old armed security guard who was shot and killed by a suburban Chicago police officer last weekend, is searching for answers to why he was killed without warning. Link to Story

Being black and Muslim in the age of Trump

Muhammad Ali Jr., the Philadelphia-born son of the late legendary fighter, was detained in a Florida airport and allegedly questioned about his religion and the origin of his name. "The immigration guy came over to me and he was like, 'Can I see you for a minute?' I said yeah. No problem," Ali told CNN last week.
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#HowardMedicineMatters: Protests erupt over new hospital

Besides draining resources, the new hospital would exclude Howard University Hospital physicians, medical students and residents from providing services and receiving training at the new hospital. Link to Story

Witness to Innocence celebrates 15th anniversary, calls for end to the death penalty

Pennsylvania is one of 30 states that currently have a death penalty statute, and there are currently 51 people on death row who were sentenced in Philadelphia. In 2015, Gov. Tom Wolf declared a moratorium on the death penalty as more studies are done to determine its future in the state.
The Philadelphia Tribune Link to Story

Has Steph Curry joined the ranks of fake moon landing conspiracy theorists?

First, it was Kyrie Irving saying with his entire chest that the Earth is flat (it’s round) in 2017 on a podcast. Now we have Golden State Warriors’ superstar Steph Curry saying, apparently, that man did not walk on the moon (they did). Link to Story

Quakers to honor slaves buried on their land in Bucks County

Buried beneath the grounds of the meetinghouse in Bucks County are the souls of an untold number of slaves, some of whom have been buried on the grounds since 1693.
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19th Street Baptist Church looks for preservation-minded buyer

Once again, a historic Philadelphia house of worship is suddenly up for sale as the city’s ever-changing landscape continues to evolve.
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Advocates appeal suburban development near Abolition Hall

A group of activists is fighting to prevent a new development from encroaching on a historic Montgomery County property with ties to the Underground Railroad.
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Atlanta Hawks fans try to troll Kevin Durant with “Draymond Hates You!” chant

On Monday night, the Warriors were in Atlanta to play the Hawks and late in the third quarter, with Golden State leading 92-74, Hawks fans attempted to rattle Durant while he was at the free throw line. Link to Story


Jay Scott Smith

I am an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and producer with more than a decade of broadcast experience.

On the print side, I have had the honor of covering everything from a high school girl's soccer championship to the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament to the World Series. Whether it is sports writing, news features, human interest, or sports features, I've done it over 20 years as a writer.

Along with hosting a top rated hip-hop show to start my career, I've made multiple media appearances including in Detroit on WCHB AM 1200, Boston's WBUR and frequent guest and host appearances on WDET Detroit Public Radio. I have also made national appearances on ESPN Radio, PRI's The Takeaway, and MSNBC.

My work has also appeared on NPR, TheGrio, Newsweek Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Philadelphia Tribune, and the Daily Beast.

I also host my own podcast called JSC Radio that features opinions and interviews from some of the industry's biggest names.

Feel free to connect with me with any interview requests or opportunities at



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