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Jay Scott Smith

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Requiem of a Black Hulkamaniac

To make the public announcement that Hulk Hogan is 'back in the family' comes as a slap in the face to the legions of black fans who have made pro wrestling the cultural phenomenon that it is
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White Detroit business owner spits on Black security guard, later charged with assault

When you think of all of the different ways to express anger or displeasure at someone, one of the worst ways is to spit on them. Well, that’s exactly what a white Detroit business owner did to a Black security guard earlier this week. Now he is paying the price. The Detroit Free Press reports that Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy charged 50-year-old Robert Stanzler, owner of Detroit Mercantile Co. in the city’s iconic Eastern Market, with misdemeanor assault and battery for his vile behavior on July 17. Link to Story

For minority communities, Trump's election reopens old wounds caused by bigotry

On a mild Tuesday night eight years and one week ago, I took a road trip from Detroit to Chicago. I was a 29-year-old graduate student who had just voted that morning in Michigan. I wanted to witness history, so I figured why not go for it. I drove three and a half hours, got a hotel room, and headed to Grant Park.
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Classmate of Romney, Obama recalls both men

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. – Just hours after President Obama came out in support of same-sex marriage during a nationally televised interview, his chief rival in the race for the White House was answering questions about an incident that occurred while he was in high school 47 years ago. Mitt Romney’s 1965 hair-cutting prank shed light on his upbringing, and the prep school where he spent his formative years. Link to Story

For the son of a black cop, trauma has more than one side

Last week's trifecta of tragedy — the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile followed by the senseless massacre of five Dallas Police officers — once again left me with that sinking, sick reminder that only fate and timing have kept me from the pain, anger, rage, and grief that comes in moments like this.
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What happened in Flint could happen anywhere

It's the type of thing you often associate with an impoverished, third-world nation, not a country that boasts loudly that it is the "Greatest Nation in the World." Flint's water crisis, which exposed the city's nearly 100,000 residents to lead poisoning, was brought about by a malignant combination of arrogance, apathy, negligence, and incompetence.
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Michigan State documentary 'InsideOut' gives real-life perspective into student experience

EAST LANSING – This is the true story of nine Michigan State University students picked to have a semester of their lives documented to find out what happens when classes begin, and things start getting turned InsideOut. "It's hard to really understand fully the nuances of being in a research university," MSU President Lou Anna Simon said, adding that there should be a separate documentary done on the students who helped film and produce it.
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For Detroit, 1967 riots continue to cast long shadow

DETROIT – On July 23, 1967, an early-morning police raid of an after-hours club on 12th Street & Clairmount set off what was, at the time, the most destructive American riot of the 20th Century. Today, 45 years later, the 1967 Riots are seen as more than four days of destruction and mayhem; it became the seminal moment of the last half-century for Detroit. Link to Story

Detroit Mayor Bing accepts city’s challenges, dismisses detractors

DETROIT – For Dave Bing, a pro basketball hall of famer and successful business owner, his time as Detroit’s mayor has been as tumultuous as any since the early days of the man whom city hall is named after: Coleman A. Since taking over as mayor in 2009, Bing has dealt with the arduous task of pulling the city out of years of governmental and financial mismanagement, making many unpopular moves in the process. Link to Story

Detroit Tigers' Quintin Berry sudden rise a story of persevereance

DETROIT – His 2012 season started the way it had every season since 2006: in the Minor Leagues, this time in Toledo, the Triple-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. Little did Quintin Berry know in April that three months later, he would become the X-factor for a team that is fighting to win its first World Series in 28 years. Link to Story

Air Jordans are more than a sneaker

DETROIT – Since its debut in 1985, the Nike Air Jordan sneakers have been more than a basketball shoe in the black community. They have become everything from a fashion accessory to a status symbol. “Jordans came out as a rebel sneaker,” said Jason Johnson, a shoe expert and owner of Bob’s Classic Kicks in downtown Detroit. Link to Story

Detroit-area Muslims search for answers, understanding in light of Boston Bombings

DEARBORN, MI – When it was revealed that the two primary suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings were Muslim, many of the wounds opened by 9/11 became fresh again for Arab-Americans and Muslims across the country. In Dearborn, the terror attacks were resoundingly denounced and met with anger as local Arab and Muslim leaders had to defend themselves and their faith in the aftermath of the attacks.
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Jay Scott Smith

I am an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and producer with more than a decade of broadcast experience.

On the print side, I have had the honor of covering everything from a high school girl's soccer championship to the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament to the World Series. Whether it is sports writing, news features, human interest, or sports features, I've done it over 20 years as a writer.

Along with hosting a top rated hip-hop show to start my career, I've made multiple media appearances including in Detroit on WCHB AM 1200, Boston's WBUR and frequent guest and host appearances on WDET Detroit Public Radio. I have also made national appearances on ESPN Radio, PRI's The Takeaway, and MSNBC.

My work has also appeared on NPR, TheGrio, Newsweek Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Philadelphia Tribune, and the Daily Beast.

I also host my own podcast called JSC Radio that features opinions and interviews from some of the industry's biggest names.

Feel free to connect with me with any interview requests or opportunities at



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