Jay Scott Smith

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Philadelphia, PA

Jay Scott Smith

Award-Winning broadcaster, producer, reporter, and multimedia journalist.


For minority communities, Trump's election reopens old wounds caused by bigotry

On a mild Tuesday night eight years and one week ago, I took a road trip from Detroit to Chicago. I was a 29-year-old graduate student who had just voted that morning in Michigan. I wanted to witness history, so I figured why not go for it. I drove three and a half hours, got a hotel room, and headed to Grant Park.
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For the son of a black cop, trauma has more than one side

Last week's trifecta of tragedy — the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile followed by the senseless massacre of five Dallas Police officers — once again left me with that sinking, sick reminder that only fate and timing have kept me from the pain, anger, rage, and grief that comes in moments like this.
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What happened in Flint could happen anywhere

It's the type of thing you often associate with an impoverished, third-world nation, not a country that boasts loudly that it is the "Greatest Nation in the World." Flint's water crisis, which exposed the city's nearly 100,000 residents to lead poisoning, was brought about by a malignant combination of arrogance, apathy, negligence, and incompetence.
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Bucks County based ZeroWater donating thousands of filters to Flint (w/Audio)

Clean water running out of a faucet is something that we often take for granted. For people living in Flint, Michigan, turning on the tap has been a nightmare for more than two years. As the city continues to search for answers to fix the crisis which has seen dangerous levels of lead cripple its water supply, help has been flowing in from all over the country.
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Michigan State rape suspect has criminal history filled with drugs, second chances and bad decisions

CORUNNA, Mich. – His court file is a seemingly endless loop of misdeeds, poor decisions, and failed second chances. For Oswald Scott Wilder, Jr., his life of crime has been a long and winding one that started 15 years ago. Wilder, 26, is currently awaiting a Sept. 24 pretrial hearing for allegedly sexually assaulting three female Michigan State University students near the MSU campus between April 20 and May 16.
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Jay Scott Smith

I am an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and producer with more than a decade of broadcast experience.

On the print side, I have had the honor of covering everything from a high school girl's soccer championship to the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament to the World Series. Whether it is sports writing, news features, human interest, or sports features, I've done it over 20 years as a writer.

Along with hosting a top rated hip-hop show to start my career, I've made multiple media appearances including in Detroit on WCHB AM 1200, Boston's WBUR and frequent guest and host appearances on WDET Detroit Public Radio. I have also made national appearances on ESPN Radio, PRI's The Takeaway, and MSNBC.

My work has also appeared on NPR, TheGrio, Huffington Post, Newsweek Magazine, and the Daily Beast.

Feel free to connect with me with any interview requests or opportunities at



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